When families make longer distance moves out of their communities, they often consider the younger children first, and how the relocation will affect them. While it’s important to help the youngest members of your family understand the reasons behind your move, make sure to remember your teen during your busy months of preparation. Teens have a lot invested in your current town – friends, activities, classes and much more. The Louisville movers at A. Arnold Relocation want to help make sure that both you and your teen adjust well to your new community. To prepare a junior high or high school student for a move, always:

·  Keep Your Teen Informed

Discuss the details of the new house, school, and neighborhood as often as possible, and point out the positives your move will bring. Try to steer your teen away from lingering on what they will leave behind, and suggest ways they can connect with old friends and continue sports and activities in your new community.

·  Research Schools in Advance

Research schools and available classes long in advance, especially if your teen has special requirements. Keeping the curriculum as consistent as possible will help your teen make a successful adjustment to a new school.

·  Involve Your Teen in the Move

Encourage your teen to help with packing or finding a Louisville moving company, choosing furniture and the layout of your new home, and planning family activities in your new community. Getting involved will make your teen more invested in the move and will give him or her something to look forward to when you arrive.

A. Arnold is the mover you can rely on to help your entire family make a successful, stress-free transition to any local, long distance or international destination. Contact our moving company in Louisville today to begin your simplest move yet!

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