500K: That’s the going rate for expatriates seeking quality international schooling in Hong Kong.

The economics of the situation are fairly straight forward: The demand for overseas schooling has so vastly surpassed the supply that an entirely new black market has been created – and wealthy families are paying.

The astronomical fees are a testament to the ever-growing value our world society places on education. Of course, these prices aren’t typical (Hong Kong, after all, has seen an influx of expats in last decade). But they do illuminate serious concerns for families who are relocating overseas and still want to secure a decent education for their kids.

Regardless of where your transition takes you, it’s a good idea to get your ducks in a row and really understand the schooling regulations of the country you’re moving to. This will help both you and your children prepare for the change.

As a veteran international moving company, A. Arnold Relocation can help. We can provide you with:

·  School calendar information – especially if you’re moving between the Northern and Southern hemisphere.

·  Availability information, tuition rates and ancillary fees.

·  Curriculum information.

·  Special education services

·  Age and grade considerations and school culture

If you’re in planning an international move and want someone to talk to about your child’s educational options, call A. Arnold. Because we’re more than just a moving company – we’re a people company. Helping others, in any way possible, is what we do.