When changes occur in your life, you want a trusted Louisville & Indianapolis long-distance moving company to make the transition smoother. Whether you are moving to your retirement home or moving to be closer to your family, there will be some mixed emotions involved as you start the downsizing process of leaving a home filled with memories. Moving is a sensitive process. Working with movers who understand the process inside and out can make it easier. 

Here are some other tips.

Communicate Effectively

Communication is an essential part of the moving process. You want to be able to get ahold of your movers during every phase. Not only should you be able to contact your movers about the timeline of your move, but also about any services you may need. Whichever method of communication you prefer --- email, text, phone calls, etc. --- your movers should be available to answer any questions, or in case a problem arises.

Give Yourself Time

Downsizing can be difficult. Not only are you leaving a place filled with years worth of memories, but you are also choosing which of the items you've collected you are going to bring with you. You must leave yourself enough time to make these decisions. If you don't leave yourself enough time, you could make some decisions you regret. To make these decisions more manageable, you could consider donating items you don't take with you to a charity or other local organization.

Use Packing Services

The most tedious phases of the moving process are packing and unpacking all of your belongings. You want to make sure all your belongings are organized so you can find them easily after you move. You also want to make sure they are secure for safe transport. Hiring a moving company that offers packing services will save you time and a lot of stress.

Transport Medical Equipment

One item you may overlook when planning your upcoming move is any medical equipment you rely on. Whether you have oxygen tanks, chair lifts, or other expensive equipment, you want to make sure it arrives at your new home in working condition. You want to make sure you hire a moving company with the resources and experience to transport this expensive, life-changing equipment safely.

Bring Your Pets

Pets are beloved members of the family. If you can bring them with you to your new home, you should. They can help make the transition easier. When transporting your pets to your new home, you must keep them as comfortable as possible. Bring them with you in your car, and keep them either in a crate or secure in the backseat. Your pets will be more relaxed if they're in your company and have some of their favorite toys or stuffed animals by their side.

Hire the Experts at Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines has been a trusted long-distance moving company for over 100 years. Our Louisville and Indianapolis long-distance movers make even the most complicated long-distance moves a breeze. In addition, we offer comprehensive moving services designed to take the stress of your upcoming move, including:

  • Packing and Unpacking Services
  • Sale of High-Quality Packing Supplies
  • Secure Padding and Wrapping of Furniture
  • Custom Crating for Your Fragile Items
  • Short-Term Storage Options

When life transitions come your way, we can help you every step of the way. Call us today to learn more about our senior, long-distance moving services.